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Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage offers yoga-like stretches and twists combined with massage techniques in a rhythmic and soothing flow, helping to still and comfort the mind and enable deep relaxation, release and integration. Imbued with an infusion of divine light additional assistance is received in clearing pain, opening up stuck energy blockages, and allowing for the integration of deep soul work. 

Watsu (Aquatic Shiatsu)
Praying In Mosque
The Kore Process

Watsu (Aquatic Shiatsu) offers a series of yoga-like stretches and massage that are combined to resemble a graceful dance while being supported and floated in warm, salt water . Some moves involve gentle rocking and cradling by the Practitioner. The head is held so that the face is above the surface of the water at all times.  The spine is freed and the breath expands to allow for a state of true bliss.

The Kore Process is an in-depth program that provides a huge karmic assist. Initiated by a past life reading, your kore wound is revealed within the fear based patterns that play out in your current life. Through diligently working with your story in a dedicated community and with the support of your facilitator, you are assisted to break though to a profound new level of freedom in your life. 

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