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Sarah Pointer

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Sarah Pointer is an Holistic Practitioner and Intuitive.  She is guided by her curiosity, sense of play, dedication to joy and ability to feel energy within and around her.  Having faced deep challenges herself, she has a mature courage and tenacity to envision and create new depths of being and new ways of seeing and living. 


Sarah brings together a unique blend of training and experience; Thai Yoga Massage, Watsu (Aquatic Massage), Light Weaving, and The Kore Process.  She has created a fusion of these offerings to assist people to feel and allow energetic flow, release and integration. 

Sarah holds a kind, calm and loving energy that invites deep relaxation, ease and well-being.  She meets people where they are, trusting that is exactly where they are meant to be. Her acceptance and authenticity create the space for relaxation, release, new growth and development. 

With a background in counselling, Sarah brings a depth of caring and compassion to her practice and creates a space of safety and freedom for her clients.  She is passionate about the healing and sense of well being that come from releasing and relaxing the body in an energy of loving kindness. 

Certifications; Thai Massage Practitioner, Watsu Practitioner. Kore Practitioner, Holistic Practitioner

Mellow Mermaid Massage surfaced from a deep personal love of the ocean, the peace to be found in the core of our being through yoga, and a dedication to pleasure, self-care and relaxation as pathways to connect people to their inner radiance and beauty.   


Through my counseling work with street involved youth, the care of young children in my home-based Play Group and unschooling my now grown son, I have relished the opportunity to provide a safe space for people to be fully who they are.  As a seeker of freedom and adventure, I love offering others the freedom to explore and to move in whatever direction their curiosity and desire leads them.  


The beautiful heart-centred modalities of Thai Yoga Massage and Watsu (Aquatic Massage) are powerful and rhythmic portals for relaxation, acceptance and healing.  Lightweaving is an offering of divine light through the palms of my hands to invite connection to source energy and provide assistance with opening constricted energy.  I invite you to allow yourself to be held in safety and to move into freedom.  Peace of mind awaits you.

"I must be a mermaid, .... I have no fear of depth and a great fear of shallow living" Anais Nin

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