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The Kore Process

A life lived without fear
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The Kore Process is a system of soul development, vibrational alignment and energetic detoxification which gives access to a level of awareness that once took lifetimes to achieve.  All that we desire, all that we need is held in the ability to bring the unconscious into consciousness.  It is the chance to live out our experiences awake rather than drugged by denial and shame. 

The Kore Process is initiated with a Kore Reading (past life story) through which your primary karmic wound and patterning are revealed.  The energetic attunement that accompanies your Kore Reading provides a huge karmic assist, cleansing lifetimes of fear-based patterning from your cellular memory.   

A Kore Reading brings through layer upon layer of information about the deepest recesses of your consciousness, and for this reason may take many weeks, months, even years to fully absorb, as that which has seemed beyond your control is given back to you to own and the reasons for your experiences of loss, powerlessness, betrayal and fear are explained. It is said that a Kore Reading is "the end of karma"

The Kore Process offers the experience of freely choosing your experiences and responses, unfettered by the bonds of old paradigms, frustrating patterns and toxic beliefs.  Rich with the flow of unblocked creativity, passion, health, wealth and a joyful heart, within the constant embrace of divine wisdom and unconditional love.


Self motivation appears

Doors to opportunity open

Peacefulness is accessed in the midst of experiences that once created stress

Long-standing challenges resolve themselves

Creativity expands and collaborations appear

Natural gifts are revealed and accepted

The threat of judgement and need for approval lessens

Clarity and purpose is accessed and careers shift into alignment

The capacity to serve in an authentic way unfolds with ease

Students become teachers and teachers become leaders

Natural, conscious community is found

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