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Watsu (Aquatic Shiatsu)


Reduced pain, stress and fatigue

Reduced muscle tension and bracing

Increased energy and range of motion

Recovery from and release of emotional issues 

Greater flexibility and feeling of safety 
Improved sleep

Profound experience of peace

Watsu Links
A wonderful explanation and demonstration of Watsu by my gifted teacher, Minakshi.

"My head rested against Sarah's shoulder weightless in water. The level of beauty I experienced I am still integrating.  When the Watsu was finished I was left with an extraordinary appreciation for myself for I had found the level of nurturing and caring I've been seeking all of my life. Thank you Sarah for gifting me access to the depths of my own bliss. Nothing is as beautiful as the love within each of us."  - Jonathon Powers

"My experience with Sarah giving Watsu therapy was incredible. From the very beginning I felt a joyful liberation, a remarkable mind/body/spirit link that enabled me to feel and examine my core self, aligned with an other-wordliness and a universality. I felt inspiration and perspective on my close relationships as well as some new ideas for an art project I’ve been struggling to start. It all felt like an un-locking. The sensations of flying, dancing, and returning to the womb all combined in the effect of an almost psychedelic journey… including visions (while eyes closed) and some tears from a deep, tender empathy. It was truly transformative and I know I will be returning to Sarah to give myself this gift again in the future. I am recommending this therapy to anyone who is open to massage, yoga, meditation or psychological examination… it is really something special and Sarah knows just how to deliver it."  ~ Karen Dalton


"In just one session with Sarah, I see how Watsu is the most beneficial therapeutic approach for me. More liberating than talk therapy or other kinds of body work, the healing power of Watsu is incredible. I've recommended it immediately to my mom, whose aging knees prevent certain kinds of physical activity. Those who are ready to surrender to the experience of Watsu will find peace in Sarah's capable, caring hands." ~ Stephanie Baptiste

"Watsu is the enactment of every experience of love you've ever had, and never had. It crosses through memory, fantasy, dream, and meditation. It sings your body awake."

Dr. Weil has received the therapy many times and often recommends it.


WATSU involves a series of Yoga-like stretches and Shiatsu massage techniques that are combined to resemble a graceful dance.  Some moves involve gentle rocking and cradling by the Practitioner. The head is supported so that the face is above the surface of the water at all times.  The spine is freed and the breath expands.


The support of warm water enhances the ability of the soft tissues to lengthen. The nervous system relaxes and tension is reduced on a cellular level throughout the body.  

Watsu is a unique modality that offers both physical and emotional release and relief for the body. The support offered by the water and the freedom it allows for movement of the spine and limbs combined with Shiatsu massage techniques brings relief to people suffering from physical pain and limitation such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy and muscle spasms (

Watsu also engenders a feeling of well being as the ease and gentle buoyancy of the water engages the parasympathetic system and encourages decreased and deeper respiration.  It is being used with wonderful results in the US to help veterans returning home with PTSD ( 

The experience of being held and gently moved in graceful and yoga-like stretches by an experienced Practitioner offers a sense of deep inner peace beyond that of land based massage.  Watsu is highly effective in helping people heal from trauma, ease anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions as well as improving physical injuries and conditions.  

"It was said in Egypt that water is given the soul as compensation for taking on a bodily form.  In water our bodies find the freedom the soul has lost.  Watsu is the continuing exploration of that freedom"
Harold Dull, founder of Watsu

Watsu with Sarah Pointer

Watsu with Sarah Pointer

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