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Watsu in Barbados, 2020

Watsu in Barbados, 2020

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  • Love to receive a massage on your vacation?
  • Looking to deeply relax and sink in so you can really enjoy your time away?
  • Treat yourself to a unique experience of bliss, like no other.
  • One you’ll be talking about for a long time after you get home.

Let me introduce you to Watsu ... a gorgeous massage received in warm healing water.

Would you like to feel luxuriously nourished, soothed and supported?

In a Watsu session there is nothing for you to do but relax and allow the water to support you as I gently rock, stretch and move your body in a graceful dance-like flow of movements. 

I listen to and follow the way your body is naturally asking to open and move, allowing tension and pain to melt, for trauma and worries to be released and for you to experience a state of peace and bliss

"In just one session with Sarah, I see how Watsu is the most beneficial therapeutic approach for me. More liberating than talk therapy or other kinds of body work, the healing power of Watsu is incredible. I've recommended it immediately to my mom, whose aging knees prevent certain kinds of physical activity. Those who are ready to surrender to the experience of Watsu will find peace in Sarah's capable, caring hands."      ~ Stephanie Baptiste

Watsu offers

  • A releasing of your muscle tension and stress into the warmth of the healing water.

  • A feeling of deep safety and nourishment as you are gently supported and held

  • An unbelievable experience of freedom and peace

  • Tender support for your healing process

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Past Watsu Retreats:

Watsu in Barbados


Allow me to float you into a timeless and weightless space where you can lose and find yourself over and over.


  • A new experience of bliss in an oceanside pool surrounded by nature

  • February 17 to March 31 2020

  • MoonRaker Hotel in Surfers Bay near Oistins, Barbados

  • Come release, relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul

​* I also make house calls if you have a warm pool (35C/94F) with a depth of 4’

It is my profound pleasure and honour to bring the tranquility and peace of Watsu to you

"My head rest against Sarah’s shoulder weightless in water. The level of beauty I experienced I am still integrating.  When the Watsu was finished I was left with an extraordinary appreciation for myself for I had found the level of nurturing and caring I've been seeking all of my life. Thank you Sarah for gifting me access to the depths of my own bliss. Nothing is as beautiful as the love within each of us."       

- Jonathon Powers


What is Watsu?


Watsu was created by Harold Dull in the early 1980’s when he was inspired to bring Zen Shiatsu into the warm healing waters of Harbin Hot Springs, California. Zen Shiatsu incorporates stretches which release bockages along our meridians, the channels through which our “chi” or life force flows. Stretching is an even older therapy than acupuncture which focuses on points along the meridians. It strengthens muscles, and increases flexibility and range of motion. Harold Dull discovered that these effects can be amplified and made more profound by stretching someone while floating them in warm water.


Watsu lessens the resistance there is when a limb is worked in isolation. When the whole body is in continual movement, each move flowing gracefully into the next, there is no way to anticipate what’s coming next and build up a resistance. Without pain, the body can move beyond these limitations fear would otherwise impose. New life is stretched into long neglected connective tissue and the restricted body is shown new possibilities of freedom. 


Some of the many benefits of Watsu include


  • Reduced body pain, stress and fatigue

  • Reduced muscle tension and holding

  • Increased energy and range of motion

  • Recovery from and release of emotional issues 

  • Feelings of deep safety and freedom

  • Improved sleep

  • Profound experience of peace that remains with you


 "My experience with Sarah giving Watsu therapy was incredible. From the very beginning I felt a joyful liberation, a remarkable mind/body/spirit link that enabled me to feel and examine my core self, aligned with an other-wordliness and a universality. I felt inspiration and perspective on my close relationships as well as some new ideas for an art project I’ve been struggling to start. It all felt like an un-locking. The sensations of flying, dancing, and returning to the womb all combined in the effect of an almost psychedelic journey… including visions (while eyes closed) and some tears from a deep, tender empathy. It was truly transformative and I know I will be returning to Sarah to give myself this gift again in the future. I am recommending this therapy to anyone who is open to massage, yoga, meditation or psychological examination… it is really something special and Sarah knows just how to deliver it."       ~ Karen Dalton


About Sarah


Sarah is a certified Watsu Practitioner whose passion for Watsu arose from a deep personal love of water and a dedication to bliss, self-care and relaxation as pathways to connect people to their inner radiance and beauty


Founder of Mellow Mermaid Massage, Sarah is dedicated to supporting people to relax, release and heal through Watsu, Energy Infused Thai Massage and The Kore Process 


Sarah’s ability to enter a deep space of peace and connection invites her clients into a  grounded and supported experience of profound safety and freedom

“It was said in Egypt that water is given the soul as compensation for taking on a bodily form.
In water our bodies find the freedom the soul has lost.
Watsu is the continuing exploration of that freedom.” 

 - Harold Dull, founder of Watsu

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